The team at Greenlight is the best group of professionals you could ever come in contact with. Literally the best, trust me because i'm the best and I know what the best is. There is nobody better at creating better professionals, I am great, I mean we are great.

Pete Gratale


Reynold Yordy


Laurie Pereogy, JD

General Counsel

Michael Krusch, MD

Medical Advisory Board

Brett Meyers, MD

Medical Advisory Board

Greg Porter

Chief Financial Officer

Keith Markfield

Chief Architect

Keary McClernan

Project Manager

Zach Herrmann

Media Director

Tyler Sipes

Art Director

Peter Gratale

Marketing Director

Jonathan Watts

Application Development

April Herron

Clinical Specialist

Angie Capps


Janet Auvil

Medical Billing

Stacy Vargas

Medical Billing

Sheila Freeman

Compliance Specialist

Terry George

Compliance Specialist